Four Sales Mistakes Interior Designers Should Avoid

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Four Sales Mistakes Interior Designers Should Avoid

Sales and marketing are an important aspect in growing an interior designer’s business. No matter how talented they are, if they do not take an active role in letting the word out there about their company and what they can offer, there will be no string of back-to-back projects at their disposal. Word of mouth may be the buzzword of most experts, but without concerted effort from the interior designer, all that attention will not necessarily turn into gold.

However, there is more to sales than just attending networking events and handing out calling cards and exchanging stories. Real strategy in sales lies also in what one should not do, such as these:

1.     Not having an elevator pitch.

Can you explain your business in less than a minute? Or do you ramble on and on about your services? Knowing what you do and being able to explain it in a snap is the way to go. As you build the business, there will be more important people to speak to but with even lesser time in their hands to listen to you.

The best way to do this is by knowing your positioning statement. It’s as simple as saying name of your company + what it is + what it does + how it does what it does. This formula already communicates your unique selling proposition. Just make sure also that it is unique, meaning no other person can do it, and that it’s compelling, meaning that it is interesting.

2.     Sloppy and dated communication tools.

Communicating is really beyond just simply being understood when it comes to sales. The goal should be about making them hire your interior design services. The best way to do this is by preparing tools with which to support your elevator pitch. Have a design packet specifically outlining what the company can do and its clients for reference. Instead of printing paper and folders, work with a 3D rendering company who can design the whole run through and save it in a flash drive or upload it on portfolio sharing sites. The flash drives can be branded and distributed to potential clients.

This is far more impressive than lugging around a folder, which in the end will only be thrown in the bin anyway.

3.     Being too chummy.

When doing a sales pitch, remember, the client is not your friend. You are there to gain a paying customer and not a new buddy. Be professional and keep away from overly sensitive topics. Keep the questions related to the business and do not make the mistake of offending the person with personal inquiries. And when the going gets tough, resist the urge to drop names. It doesn’t speak well of your company and makes you look desperate.

4.     No follow through.

You have provided flash drives, fixed your elevator pitch and remembered to be professional all of which has resulted into a scheduled presentation. It’s been a week since, did you call for a follow through on the presentation?

Following through is the secret to starting a good business relations with a potential client. Without it, all sales efforts fall apart but with it, the business will reach new heights.

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