Four Reasons to Love 3D Rendering

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Four Reasons to Love 3D Rendering

Just recently, Time magazine published an article explaining why Ikea products look so awesome in their catalogue—amazing enough to bring in new clients and sustain brand loyalty. The article reveals that 75% of the products found in Ikea’s catalogue are actually 3D renderings.

These 3D rendered images seem to contribute to Ikea’s growth as it helps cut down logistics and marketing costs. It’s also appropriate for the channels used by people to buy from Ikea. In 2013, the company had 1.3 website visits and their catalog application was downloaded around 10 million times.

3D Rendering Used by Many Industries

The fact is 3D rendering technology has been widely used by various industries. Architecture, interior design, and real estate are using 3D architectural renders to sell designs and properties. Retail, fashion, and automotive industries have also been using 3D renderings. This is how companies can market products that do not even exist yet. Science and medicine also uses 3D rendering for teaching and testing. So you see, 3D rendering also helps improve and save lives.

Being in the 3D rendering business for over 3 years, Power Rendering has seen how this technology has evolved from a technical field limited to the elite architectural firms who have the resources to create 3D renders for marketing to a dynamic and growing business that supplies 3D rendering to every industry possible.

Here are more reasons to love 3D rendering:


The opportunity to perfect your work, without the added cost, is perhaps one of the top reasons why businesses especially those in the fields of architecture and interior design turn to 3D rendering for their sales and marketing efforts. With just a little adjustment, you can correct any flaw. You can also confidently accommodate your client’s requests—no matter how fickle your client is—without breaking anyone’s budget.


You don’t have to physically transport your subjects or models to create a photo-realistic image of your product. Arranging a physical setting is not required to produce three-dimensional images. You just need your ideas, a reliable computer, and a 3D rendering software program to create your design or product from scratch. If you don’t have the technical skills to produce 3D renders, you can work with 3D rendering companies to get the job done. In most cases, you just have to supply your design specifications and materials references so they can interpret your ideas accurately.

Because you don’t need a physical setup, you also have flexibility in terms of marketing schedule. You can start promoting your work even if it’s still under development.


You have more options to present with 3D rendering, and again, without the added cost. You can change backgrounds and textures, present more color choices, re-arrange design details and control lighting. You can even present your design in day or night settings. This is where designers can truly exhibit their creative prowess.


Compared to professional photography, 3D rendering services are relatively cheaper. You don’t need to pay for photography services, for the set-up, crew meals, and all production-related expenses. There’s also no transportation costs involved. You don’t have even have to allot your own time doing these 3D renders when you outsource this task to 3D rendering companies. You’ll be more productive while you save on marketing costs.

3D rendering bridges your ideas to reality. If you are looking to outsource 3D architectural renders, contact Power Rendering.


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