Five Ways to Sell a House Fast Using 3D Rendering

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Five Ways to Sell a House Fast Using 3D Rendering

When selling a house, the most important thing that you should do is to prepare it for selling. However, more than preparing it for actual client visits, you also need to stage them for photography. This is because buyers now are often too busy to actually visit the home. An article in Forbes says that busy buyers often get their first impression of a home in the listing or online listing. But when you can’t take professional photos because that house hasn’t been constructed yet, the fastest way to get your customer’s attention is through 3D rendering.

Selling Real Estate Through 3D Rendering

Here are ways to use 3D rendering for real estate marketing:

1. Manipulate lighting.

You can change the mood and feel of certain areas inside the home by manipulating the lighting. This can be controlled in your 3D renders.

2. Highlight space.

Buyers appreciate space, and if they are aware that they’re buying a small lot, you can emphasize the smart use of space through 3D rendering.

3. Prep the home.

The best part here is you can actually stage the home and fill it with furniture and accessories without actually buying them yet. This is the part where you can even present clients with a lot of options to suit their unique preferences.

4. Present exterior views of the house.

Exterior images are the most important visuals that can hold your client’s attention or drive them away. With 3D rendering, you can present exterior views of the house from every angle. Plus, you can create twilight images for a more dramatic effect, in addition to the usual daytime images.

Check out these samples of exterior residential 3D renders from Power Rendering.

Before putting up your ad in real estate listings, consider using 3D rendering for selling the property. It will help you sell faster, even before the property is completely built. Outsource your 3D renders to professional a 3D rendering company who can deliver high-quality images on time.

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