Five Other Ways to Use 3D Architectural Renders

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The Five Other Ways You Can Use 3D Architectural Renders Aside From Marketing

Since 2011, Power Rendering has been working with architects, interior designers, and real estate professionals in crafting beautiful 3D architectural renders for marketing and presentation. But the purpose of 3D renders is not only limited to marketing to potential buyers or investors. Power Rendering lists the other top five ways you can use 3D architectural renders for your work or business:

1. Prevent costly errors.

3D architectural renders present all the details of the design, from colors to lighting. If there are flaws in the design, a 3D rendered image will reveal these so it prevents you from making costly changes when the construction has already started.

2. Contribute to efficient project management.

When you present a 3D rendered image to a client, you are not only selling your design, but you’re also involving your client in the design process! A client can better express what he or she wants to see in a future property with the aid of 3D renders. This saves you a lot of time.

3. Coordinate with suppliers and builders.

When you can’t find the words to express what you need from your builders and suppliers, your 3D architectural renders will do that job for you! A photo-realistic 3D rendered image of your design can completely convey your ideas more than any word can.

4. Help in getting approval from government or financial institutions.

3D architectural renders will speak for your work. You can support documents required by government or financial institution with 3D renders that can demonstrate how your design meets their requirements. You can attach these 3D renders to help secure approval from government agencies or financial institutions.

5. Build client trust.

Trust is built when you offer your clients two things: excellent service and open communication. No client would want to be left in the dark. They would want to know where their hard-earned money will be going. Your 3D architectural renders communicate what type of materials will be used for his or her property, how long it will take to complete them, and other pertinent details that clients would want to know.

How have you used 3D architectural renders in your business? We would love to hear from you!



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