Five Ways to Boost the Value of a Home for Sale

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Five Ways to Boost the Value of a Home for Sale

Real estate is the best way to turn a profit. When the value of your home has significantly appreciated over the years, you can earn by selling it and you can invest in a new property that better fits your family and lifestyle. In general, a home is easier to sell if it is well-maintained by the owners. Paperwork-wise, it is ironclad and there is always a ready market for buyers.

How does one get the upper hand in the competitive property market? With presentation technologies such as 3D rendering, home owners can achieve their new dream home by selling their current home with a very good valuation. Here some tips to help you sell your home faster and for more money:

1. Make the outside count.

The part of the house that the buyer sees is the exterior, so make sure that it is perfect–the walls should be painted well and no stains or chips should be in sight. Make the garden clean and beautiful. Flowers in full bloom and trees with fruits are always a great way to present the house. Clean the cobblestones and remove the years of moss that have grown on them. Paint another shade for the door to make it an instant accent. The roof and the garage door don’t lie – make sure they are in tip top shape too. If you are in the process of renovating your home’s exterior, you can use photo-realistic 3D renders to show potential buyers how the house would look like after the changes have been made.

2. The kitchen is a certified money-maker.

USA Today mentions the kitchen as the part of the house that buyers are more than willing to pay extra for. According to the site, home buyers are willing to drop serious cash for a kitchen that’s made of stainless steel furnishings and has a really good kitchen island.

With this, start taking pictures of your great kitchen! Post them on a Facebook or Instagram account dedicated to engage with buyers. But don’t just settle for still photos. Live it up by presenting it in action. Make a short video of items being cooked or baked in it.

Also, place some lively set up such as fresh fruits on the counter inside a tall glass or a few terrariums to add a touch of green without trying too hard.

3. Bust out that walk-in closet.

What’s the next best thing for buyers? Closets! So if you have one worthy of Carrie Bradshaw or Nordstrom, now’s the time to accentuate them to the hilt. Add a lush mat in the middle or improve the lighting to better highlight the luxurious feel of your walk-in closet.

4. Walk them through your home.

Give potential buyers the option to walk through your home virtually. A 3D architectural animation or a 3D walk-through would give them access to your home, without needing to physically visit your property. If you are doing a video presentation, let them see not just your house, but also the neighborhood. Most buyers would like to see the community surrounding the property. Post this video on YouTube and your social media pages.

5. Repair and update.

Now is the best time to address all repair needs and do some updating. From leaky faucets to pest control, make sure to treat issues that will potentially turn off buyers. While it is not advisable to do major renovation now, you can consider upgrading parts that buyers consider important such as bathtubs or bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops, or cabinetry. You can also convert spaces to add more rooms to your home. These improvements can make your home more valuable.

If you are planning to sell your home this year, do it during the spring season. says this is the most popular buying season as the weather is pleasant and it gives families time to adjust and transition smoothly into their new home during the summer break.

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