Email Marketing Tips for Startup Architects and Interior Designers

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Email Marketing Tips for Startup Architects and Interior Designers

Today, going online for the majority of marketing efforts is the way to go. Not only is it effective, it’s also economical and much more targeted than traditional means of marketing. For smaller design shops, email marketing can really get their message across without the need to hire third party agencies that ask for exorbitant amounts of billable hours that could have been spent in other aspects of the business.

Here are some tips to take advantage of the powers of email marketing:

1.     Find a voice, not just a message

Every firm out there is the best so instead of saying this in your email, try communicating what 1) you are the best at and 2) how you can execute it. Is there a certain niche that you would want to corner? Then focus on it and explain how you would be able to do the services promised.

For example, saying interior design for homes with 100 square meters or less for X months and for X budget sounds more specific and believable than saying that you can make small spaces look even bigger with your designs. The former is straighter to the point than the latter and can get the attention of clients, especially those who have a working budget in the first place.

2.     Place a catchy subject

First of all, a trite subject gets ignored or worse, it sends your email straight to the spam or trash folder. So get yourself a catchy subject — one that immediately encapsulates your service, speaks your brand’s voice, and gets the attention of the person reading it. Although people are spending more time online, they are not necessarily spending more hours reading each and every message they get so you have to hook them from the get go.

3.     Mind the visuals

You are a designer so this should be a no-brainer. However, please do not think that the email should be your portfolio as the person who receives your email will definitely suffer from downloading your email alone. If you want to send them your portfolio with your designs or 3D renderings, it is best to use just one or two photos that links back to your actual website or a page where you showcase all of your projects. Keep it at a maximum of 2MB and make sure the visuals are well-thought of.

Edge water 3D render V2b small

3D Rendering of a Vacation Home

4.     Don’t forget your copy and call to action.

As a designer, it’s convenient to ignore the copy which is a big mistake. Typos are a no-no as people are more focused when reading emails and can easily spot them. This makes your company look like you do not really care for the small details. Believe it: poorly written emails can cost you clients. So proofread or spell check and always, always read it aloud. If it does not make sense to you, you can be sure it will not make sense to your audience/reader. Include a call to a action that relates to the goal of why you are sending this email in the first place.

5.     Include your contact details

As you take care of both the visuals and copy, please do not forget to include the contact information of the firm. Write down at least the basics such as your direct landline, mobile number, company address, and email address, and if you have it, your website URL. Link back to your social media pages too.

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