Design Tips for Updating and Renovating Beauty Retail Stores

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Design Tips for Updating and Renovating Beauty Retail Stores

Among all industries, the beauty world did not experience that much hardship during any economic downturn as most people, especially women, still invested on their appearance and themselves during the hard times. Beauty items such as lipsticks and nail polish are cheap and readily available “rewards” that immediately provide instant gratification.

With this proven success, designers and contractors are better off investing their time in winning clients that have retail business in beauty who are surely more in tune with updating their spaces. After all, how can someone feel beautiful if the surroundings are not so?

Here are some ways to make it happen for interior designers and contractor. Show the client 3D rendering that show the following:

1.     Ample chances for trial

Every experience to the beauty counter is an experiential one which involves primarily, the sense of sight and then, of touch. These two should go together. Instead of simply providing a beautiful display, make sure that it is easy for the consumer to interact with the display. Place some comfortable chairs. Make the testers spaced amply away from each other so that different people can test the products that they want with ease. And of course, make mirrors available. Having smaller ones which they can get easily is truly the kind of design that has the customer in mind.


2.     What’s unique and relevant based on the consumer

Beauty connoisseurs love to swatch different colors and products so having a space where they can clean their hands – yes, a sink with water and soap! – is ideal and truly uncommon.

Instead of letting them move out of the store with different colors of lipstick on the back of their hands, having heavy duty cotton pads that can soak up the makeup remover and take out the colors in a jiffy is good especially during lunch breaks wherein the women just need to drop by to buy a product and return to their offices. Likewise, it is good to think of providing different removers for all the product categories and with proper labeling and in packaging that will not affect the quality of the remover whether it’s for eye makeup such as mascara, lipstick, primers, and even nail polish.

Another consumer behavior that shoppers have in beauty stores is they make the trip a one-stop shop. Providing small areas where they can place their chosen products safely as they go about choosing more products makes their shopping experience even more enjoyable and convenient.

While most shoppers do it alone, some come with their boyfriends and husbands – providing a seating area for them where they can rest in the store surely gives the shop more positive points. The last thing you want is some shoppers standing around and looking bored out of their minds.

3.     The right lighting

When it comes to designing the space, as much as possible, let the natural light in. How the colors register against natural light is the best gauge if it’s the right shade or not especially when shopping for foundation and powders.

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