Creating the Experience: Tips for Landscape Designers

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Creating the Experience: Tips for Landscape Designers

Homeowners and businessmen are finding the benefits of having outdoor set-ups worth the cost of hiring landscape designers to make them happen. Aside from the beauty they provide, gardens of all sizes give employees and individuals a boost to their well-being as they go out and commune with nature at the benefit of their own homes and work places. With productivity studies pointing to the effects of being out for meetings, it is truly a great time to be a landscape designer.

For those who want to further take advantage of this opportune time, here are some tips to take your landscape design business to the next level:

1. Put it out there.

Are you even online? For startups, there is no need to invest immediately in an expensive website. Having a blog or an Instagram account will suffice. Just make sure to post the necessary contact information so prospective clients can find you and contact you. In fact, social media has truly leveled the playing field – it’s only a matter of having the right hashtags and the correct timing when it comes to posting.

As part of the content calendar, you may post the before and after pictures of any space so people can see the literal transformation of the area because of your work. Advice on which kind of grass or flowers can be added in as well to make people visit the space more often – free tips feed the interest of the visitors and can solidify any landscape designer’s reputation.

2. Do some spec work.

Showcase the work further by doing some spec work for several kinds of spaces. If you have extra budget, do a garden for free! It provides you with the right kind of portfolio especially if you are still building your client list. Mentoring under a seasoned professional also provides the contacts, the training, and the start in the industry.

However, there is also another way of making one’s portfolio without the big money. The existence of 3D rendering has enabled many to create spec work for almost nothing as everything can be made on the computer. With it, the possibilities are absolutely endless. These 3D renderings can be saved as still photos for easy upload or as videos that can give a 360 degree look into the whole design.

A tropical-inspired home.

A tropical-inspired home.

3. Do consulting.

For the more seasoned landscape artists, consulting for clients can work as well. If the client does not have the money to pay for the whole service but has the ability to execute, guiding them in the process can also boost one’s business. Going with them for shopping trips for soil or plants and providing them guidelines as to how they can maximize the space intended for the garden can be done. It’s easy and quick plus gives so much good word of mouth benefits as the happy client spreads the word to friends and family.

So let the word out and start today!

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