Creating the Best Home Spaces with 2017’s Top Paint Trends

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Creating the Best Home Spaces with 2017’s Top Paint Trends

If you are planning to renovate your home or office space but does not have the time or the budget to do so, the fastest way to do it is with painting the exterior and interior of the house. Paint can quickly transform an area as it makes the space look clean and updates it immediately. Aside from that, paint does not require as much commitment as a full blown construction job for a space – in the end, if you happen to not like the color, you can always immediately change by painting over it.

But there is more to paint than meets the eye. If you want to raise your paint game to new heights this coming 2017, here are some trends to be on the lookout for to make your space stand out even more:

1. Grays are in

If you are feeling more adventurous with paint, it’s time to shift to a more dramatic look with the help of grays. One shade that stands out is Mineral Gray. It is getting a lot of prominence due to its very dramatic look that’s perfect for any area of the home. It is not as diluted as the normal gray shade but is still a tad lighter and less severe looking than black.

If you are not feeling up to par painting a whole wall of gray, you can use the shade in small doses such as in cabinets and book shelves.

2. Two toned kitchen cabinets

When it comes to your kitchen, 2017 is all about experimenting with color combinations as two toned cabinets are in. For example, you can paint the upper cabinets a lighter shade and then the lower cabinets a deeper and darker one to ground the whole look of the kitchen.

However, 2017 encourages color combinations but in solid colors, almost like color blocking if you want to connect it with fashion.

3. Let nature in

As mentioned by Pantone, green is in but so is yellow based on most design firms. These colors are often associated with nature and sustainability and that’s exactly why there is a need to use these colors – as a way to remind ourselves for the need to go back to basics and remember the importance of Mother Earth.

3D Interior Rendering of a Living Room

3D Interior Rendering of a Living Room

Aside from that, there is a growing consciousness now when it comes to balance in one’s life and these shades evoke feelings of tranquility and peace which can be enjoyed right inside the home just with the help of paint.

4. Pre-planning colors based on the area

With color psychology, homeowners are seeing the importance of paint and what it means. But if the color wheel seems intimidating, go for a 3D architectural rendering of the space in different colors instead.

This saves you more money in the end and creates a more economical way of choosing the right shades for your home’s different parts.

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