Cosmetically Enhanced: 3D Rendering and Other Tips to Create the Perfect Makeup Retail Store

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Cosmetically Enhanced: 3D Rendering and Other Tips to Create the Perfect Makeup Retail Store

The makeup industry is an undisputed money maker, reaching multi billion dollar earnings despite the recently concluded recession. The global cosmetic market has a growth rate of 6.4 percent, according to Business Wire. They say, despite the crisis, women were going for instant gratification. Although they may not be able to afford big ticket items, lipsticks remain saleable because they are always affordable and available.

This buying behavior has catapulted the industry into stratospheric heights as far as sales are concerned.

With this in mind, designers should take this opportunity to provide amazing designs for cosmetics companies. Here are some ways to do just that:

1. Adjust it to the brand.

If there is a brand that embodies a good branding strategy in terms of design of booths is Benefit Cosmetics. As a brand that packages itself as a young and vibrant cosmetics company, you can see their booths reflecting a 1950’s vibe using paunchy colors and hues such as periwinkle, mint greens, and whites to illustrate it. In a sea of lacquered blacks, it stands out and is easily recognizable.

Another brand who does their merchandising well is Chanel. As a seasoned European brand, it also sports the classic black but with touches of shimmering gold that fans know so well because they see it right in their purses. Another is Clinique, who despite being clinical and technical, makes their counters look like a high end lab that instantly communicates what the brand stands for – well-researched products backed by years of experience in skin care and cosmetics.

Same as with your clients, let their brand shine through in just one look. The goal is to make them stand out once a client enters a department store. Have your brand team, architect, and interior designer work together to build a store that is consistent with your brand message and image. Request them to present their design concepts using 3D rendering.

2. Do a run through of the sequence of service via the design

Upon entering the store, what is the first thing they should see? Should it be the new limited edition lipsticks? Is it the items on sale? Must it be the cleansers or moisturizers?

This plays a big role in the success of the store. Like a menu, a retail place relies on the placement of their products to maximize the floor plan and ensure that fast moving items are seen and presented well so it would be bought.

Do this by relying on research as to which stations consumers gravitate towards first and also 3D rendering to execute it properly.

A 3D floor plan will help you visualize the customer’s experience starting from the moment they enter the store up to the point where they actually try out makeup at the counters and purchase from you.

3. Create hubs

The tendency with makeup stores is that those who want to test and those who want to purchase crowd in one place, thus diminishing the experience of each other. Prevent this by creating hubs in the store.

Designate a place where people can get free makeovers and test items to their heart’s content. On the other hand, have an express way for those who know their colors and items as to not waste their time. This makes everyone feel important and achieve their goal in the store.

Creating the perfect space for makeup products can be daunting, but with the right spatial planning, it can be achieved with, pun intended, flying colors!

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