Ways to Sell Co-Working Office Spaces

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Ways to Sell Co-Working Office Spaces

Today, co-working spaces is the buzzword for every building and entrepreneur who is just starting out in the industry. The beauty of co-working spaces is the fact that people doesn’t need to invest as much money towards rent and utilities.

Co-working spaces are the real friends of first time entrepreneurs. They have a place to work properly and efficiently without the usual distraction that working from home or from a noisy coffee shop brings. Aside from that, it helps them become even more professional especially when they need to meet with potential buyers, suppliers, partners, and investors.

Co-working spaces are sure wins and here are tips to sell it to clients and fill up your property in no time:

1.   Make really good marketing collaterals.

And by good, it means these collaterals speak to the target market you want to penetrate.

For example, if the space is geared towards the more mature entrepreneurs then maybe a lot of colors are not exactly a come on for them. Instead, highlight on the design and the copy the ways the co-working space can help them focus, get the big guns to sign contracts, and how amazing the parking space is.

On the other hand, younger entrepreneurs appreciate a well-design space. Due to their use of several gadgets at the same time, highlighting the numerous electricity sockets right on the table is not weird at all but will surely be appreciated. Having whimsy designs and comfortable ergonomic chairs excites them and makes them feel right at home.

2.   Put it online.

It’s all about presentation and using 3D rendering to make a run through of the whole space and uploading it on a website or a social media account helps people check out the space even without leaving their homes.

Having the space online and with a corresponding avenue for clients to reserve with the use of their credit card helps business move faster and better, 24/7.

3D Rendering of An Office Space

3D Rendering of An Office Space

3.   Organize free use for a week.

Trial is the secret sauce of a good sale and when it comes to co-working spaces, to feel is to believe. Some people won’t know and really cannot tell if the space is good until they try it. So let them! Offer free one week use of the co-working tables and conference rooms to help them discern if the travel going to and from and everything in between is worth it.

4.   Offer shorter leases

When it comes to co-working spaces, being more flexible in the rent department helps because for one, these people are newbies. They do not have the kind of long-term budgets as bigger companies. So be kinder and offer shorter leases such as three to six month periods.

Having better rates helps them see the value of staying in a co-working space. Better yet, present the rates in a way wherein you will compare for example the cost of staying in a coffee shop versus a co-working space.

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