Building Better Libraries for Millennial Students

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Building Better Libraries for Millennial Students

No matter which generation of students the schools are dealing with, one thing is for sure: libraries will never die and are still a very important part of the learning process of students. However, there is a need for libraries to also evolve with the times and with the needs of students in all schools and universities anywhere.

So if you have school client, more than the classroom or another auditorium, the library is a great place to start when it comes to making sure the students get what they need in terms of studying and focusing on their lessons. Here are some ways to create that perfect library for the current generation of millennial students:

1.     Have standing desks.

Compared to past generations, this one is more attuned with their health and wellbeing, but they also know the challenges of counteracting daily problems such sitting. In class, they are locked in chairs for hours on end, so why not let their blood flow by adding in standing desks? Not only will this save more space, but also create an option which the students can take advantage of to improve their health and focus. Adding in some more elements such as stress balls and aromatherapy (no lavender please as they should not doze off!) takes the edge off the pressures and stresses in achieving that grade point average while balancing their social activities.

A laboratory that can also be used as a study area.

3D rendering of a laboratory that can also be used as a study area.

2.     Create bigger spaces in between shelves

Ever wondered why bookstores are such reader magnets? It’s because they are created to make the person feel right at home to read and peruse titles. Do the same for the library. Instead of cramped spaces that even cleaners cannot visit for fear of toppling over books and thus rendering areas of the library full of dust, design the shelves in such a way that there is ample space in between – enough for a person to sit and enjoy a book while others can pass by.

The shelves also need not be too high that most students cannot check those in the higher shelves. Doing so also makes it friendlier to differently abled students.

3.     More open spaces that’s not air conditioned

Nothing beats studying with natural light streaming in. With the help of 3D architecture rendering services, map the space and see how a garden or outside seating while still having good access to the books can be integrated in the design.

4.     More outlets on the desks and make them food friendly

Let’s face it: this generation is all about multimedia access – even for learning. Instead of fighting it, provide it right at their desks with numerous outlets where they can plug in their laptops, tablets, and phones.

Also, isn’t it about time to let the food be part of the equation? Although there is fear of the savory food and hot coffee fumes wreaking havoc inside the library, putting in private pods for students can prevent this and makes the area easier to clean for pest control purposes.

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