For Architects: What to Include in Your Client Presentation

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Last week, we wrote about general presentation tips for architects. Our next blog lists down what you actually need to include in your presentation.

As an architect you should be familiar with the stress of preparing for a presentation to clients. Your mind runs many scenarios, would they like your building design, will they laugh at you, or scold you?  You might be a good architect maybe even the best, but presentation is another area of expertise. It is the realm of a public speaker.

Even if you are not used to, speaking in public you can still give a good, compelling presentation. What makes a public speaker is not his voice or looks, it’s his confidence. How can you get enough confidence? The answer is being prepared. Being prepared means that you already have everything you need to include in your presentation ready. Here is a checklist.

Include what makes your design unique

Architecture is an art; therefore, every building design you make is a work of art and should be unique. Show them what sets it apart from other similar buildings, what makes it better, why they should like it. Make sure all of these are answered in your presentation speech.

Include visual aids

Talk is not enough. To convince people you have let them see what you are talking about, especially when you are selling design ideas. It is hard-wired into our human brain to believe in what we see and doubt what we can’t. Many architects use models of the cardboards models of the buildings while some simply show the blueprint. Both cardboard models and blueprint are good visual aids, but if you want to take it up a notch higher, prepare a 3D walkthrough of your building design. That would surely wow them.

3D rendering can really make a presentation amazing; your clients will watch a first person movie, which shows how it would look like if they walk through the whole design. 3D rendering companies like Power Rendering can create visually compelling 3D renders of your work. All you have to do is send the design and specification and they will make it look as real as an actual photo.

Include how much it will cost

It is important for many clients to know how much it would cost to make your design a reality. Money is always a factor when dealing with executives. If your design will cost a lot of money, you have to tell them why. Absolutely make them understand that they will profit from it.

Bring the best looking you in the presentation

Sometimes you may forget, but the star of the presentation is you, so look your best. Get a good haircut, prepare your best suit, buy an awesome tie, shine your shoes and get enough sleep. If you do these, your presence will make your clients want to listen to you. Also, be as relaxed as you can be, bring loads of positive energy with you as you enter the presentation room. A positive outlook and attitude will make them want to agree with you. A good-looking you and a 3D walkthrough presentation would be unstoppable.

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