Architects and Interior Designers: How to Make Your Clients Love You

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Architects and Interior Designers: How to Make Your Clients Love You

For architects and interior designers whose success depends on building a great reputation among their clients, it takes more than skills and creativity to get clients to trust you. This is understandable because of the amount of money they invest in building a home or renovating a home. Clients would naturally want the result to be perfect. There are ways however to resolve client doubts in order to build trust and protect your reputation.

  1. Always update client on the project

Telling the client what is going on with the project will make them trust you more. This shows them that you consider them a part of the team, not just a financer. This will also help you build rapport with the client. Not sure how often you should update them? You can update them for every milestone that you achieve or you can also ask them how often they want to receive your reports.

Timelines should be set and presented to the client before any project begins. Be honest if you across some challenges along the way. The key here is to let them know if any challenges come your way and your solutions to the problem.

  1. Ask for client’s opinion

The client should have a say on the progress of the project. While they may not be as technically knowledgeable as you, they may have some inputs that you need to hear. This will also help you build rapport with the client. Building rapport also boosts the client’s confidence and trust in you.

  1. Talk with confidence

When facing your client to present your plans or designs, do it with confidence.  Confidence is contagious. If you show confidence when you talk to your client, he in turn will have an unfading trust in you.  The confidence you show must be real and from the inside. If you have self doubts, resolve them first before the meeting. Check out these confident body language tips.

  1. Use visual aids when talking to clients

As previously mentioned, clients are normally not as technically knowledgeable as you are in terms of engineering or design. So, to keep them from being stressed out or bored at your presentations, take time to use visual aids. As an architect or interior designer, the best visual aids are 3D architectural visualizations. Work with 3D rendering experts who can produce high-quality 3D renders of your designs.

3D Rendering of a Living Room and Dining Area

3D Rendering of a Living Room and Dining Area

  1. Be positive.

Smiling is the simplest thing you can do to exude positive energy. Be kind and accommodating. Be genuinely interested in helping your client. Positivity builds trust, which is what you need if you want your project to be successful. Reasoning and logic also works, but no one wants to deal with an unpleasant person.

Building rapport and trust with the client is an important task for any profession, especially architects and interior designers. The tips above are simple and common sense but they work 100 percent of the time.

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