Advantages of 3D Rendering

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Whether you are marketing an architectural design, an interior design or a master-planned community, great visuals of the project is an essential marketing tool. In the past, artistic drawings and photographs were used to provide images of these properties. However, with advances in technology, particularly in 3D imaging software, there is now a better option.

The benefits of photo realistic 3D images include –

  • Full control of Lights and Shadows

Objects in 3D rendered images can receive or cast shadows without any unwanted reflections or “hot spots”.

  • Perfect White Balance

In terms of color casting, 3D rendered images ALWAYS have a technically perfect white balance.


  • Looks just like a Photograph

(left: 3D render image; right: photograph)

3D rendered images provide exceptionally realistic imagery that makes it hard to tell if it’s real or not.


  • No Need for Retouching

Photography often requires editing and retouching to remove flaws. 3D renders are perfect from the start.


  • Flawless Scenes and Objects

Scenes of 3D images have no distortion, such as chromatic aberration, which can occur in photographic lenses.


The process for ordering 3D rendering provides additional benefits:

  • Innovation Experimentation

Concept forms can be tested in all different angles, cutaway views and even in action.

  • Easy-to-Revise

3D rendering will react quickly when last minute changes are needed. Trouble-shooting is not a problem.

  • Format Flexibility

Marketing materials and websites images can be created sooner in the process.

  • Large Format-friendly

Objects and scenes can be created at any size and resolution to fit any medium.


3D rendering is becoming increasingly cost-efficient and effective when it comes to advertising, designing, and conceptualizing. Contact Power Rendering to discover how we can tailor a solution to your business needs.

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