6 Things to Give Your Bathroom a Luxury Hotel Feel

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6 Things to Give Your Bathroom a Luxury Hotel Feel

Whether you are expecting your family for Christmas or renovating your house for Airbnb, you should consider upgrading your bathroom. Yes, most people wouldn’t mind much where they sleep, but they most definitely complain about the bathroom.  After all, once you fall asleep you will not care about your bed, but bathrooms are something to experience in full waking, intimate moments.

So how do you turn a regular nothing-too-special bathroom into a luxury-hotel-type bathroom?  Here are some tips to help you design the bathroom that people dream about:

  1. The wall

The most visible part of the bathroom is the wall.  For this reason, you need the walls to look clean as well as elegant.  You also want the color to make the bathroom space look more spacious. The best colors to do these are light colors preferably white, beige, gray, or pastels.

Hanging good quality pictures also give the bathroom a dash of class. Do not overdo it though. Just 1 or two framed pictures or paintings will do. Decorative tiles or 3D tiles for the walls also add personality to the bathroom.

  1. The mirror

Most, if not all luxury hotel bathrooms have some elegant mirrors.  We are not talking about regular mirrors but very good mirrors usually with gold plated frames that look elegant.  Of course, it is expensive to buy a gold plated mirror but unless you have an ultra-meticulous visitor, most people will not notice if you use bronze frame for the mirrors.  A big mirror also makes the bathroom look bigger.

  1. Furniture

Some men and women prefer to do grooming in the bathroom.  It’s a good idea to have an ottoman chair inside the bathroom for grooming activities.

Below the mirror, add a marble sink countertop and place some vase on the sides to make it look classy.  Be careful though because if you make a wide sink, it can make the bathroom cramped.

  1. The lights

Lighting is important to give the bathroom an elegant feel. An over-bright white overhead light is painful for the eyes. Spread your lights with some on the corners of the bathroom so that the light is subdued to produce a relaxing ambience.  You can also try bathroom drop lights for a contemporary feel.

  1. The shower

The shower is where most people relax and wash away their exhaustion. Make it relaxing, too. You can add shower seating, shower lighting, and a double rainshower for the ultimate bath indulgence. Glass doors also make the shower area look elegant.

  1. Bathtub

If you have enough space, throw in a bathtub. A soaking bathtub is perfect for relaxing at night after a tiring day. Bathtubs are sign of elegance and comfort that people look for. Almost all luxury hotels have bathtubs.

When designing a luxury bathroom, think of comfort and relaxing ambience. A minimalist style is perfect for bathrooms, so avoid keep the bathroom clutter-free and well-maintained.

You can use 3D rendering services to check out how your ideas would actually look like before commiting to any change.

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