5 Ways to Overcome Designer’s Block

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You’ve been staring at a blank canvas for hours. After browsing images online, design ideas aren’t coming to you. Your mind is just blank or it’s coming up with ideas that don’t look good to you.

Creative block can happen to anyone, even to the best artists. Goodtherapy.org lists down possible reasons for designer’s block, including self-doubts, anxiety about the outcome of a project, major life events like a death of a loved one, negative self-talk, illness, and loss of purpose in one’s work. Overfatigue can also cause creative blocks.

How to Beat Designer’s Block

Here are psychology-backed ways to fight designer’s block and work your way towards the finish line:

  1. Just start working.

The first design, your 3D rendering, or your drawing doesn’t need to be perfect. Sometimes, it your perfectionism or fear of failure that’s holding you back from working on your design. Don’t wait for the inspiration to strike. Just keep working. You can develop your initial ideas later. Remember that you have a deadline to follow. Criticize your work only when you’re through with it.

  1. Change your workspace.

A change of workstation can give you a breath of fresh air, and sometimes, new ideas too. Instead of working at your usual spot or office, why not work outside, like a noisy café or a quiet park. Ambient noise like the ones in coffee shops make you productive, according to Fast Company.

  1. Meditate.

Try meditation exercises to ease away your anxiety. Anxiety can cause creative blocks and diminishes your mental energy. Meditation also helps clear your mind, which you need to be able to come up with creative ideas again.

  1. Collect images.

The images don’t have to be related to what you are doing at all. Just collect images that inspire you. You can even collect videos or stories. These works of art can help spark your creativity too.

  1. Accept that creativity blocks are a normal part of the design process.

Creative blocks are commonly experienced by designers. Sometimes, it your body telling you to take a break from work. Instead of trying to fight it off and enduring the frustration, just accept that it’s normal. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to take a break from work. Do something that’s not work-related. You need to separate yourself from your work from time to time to refresh your brain and give yourself the chance to recharge.


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