5 Unique Houses to Inspire You

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5 Unique Houses to Inspire You

The world is an amazing place filled with wonders both natural and manmade. Big ancient structures like the Pyramid of Giza, the Taj Mahal, and the Ankor Wat are pinnacles of human creativity and perseverance since they were made without modern tools. Nature also pitched in the effort to make this planet so amazing. Think about the Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and the beautiful northern lights.  Now let’s add unique houses to that.

For many centuries houses more or less use the same old, tired design styles. It takes a lot of creativity for architects, interior designers and renovation companies to make a house that is unique and unlike any other. Here are some of the most unique houses in the world.

  1. Transparent House

Don’t expect any privacy in this house. When the Japanese architects who build this house said it’s going to be transparent, they made it truly transparent. It now stands in Japan. As expected, there is no need for windows in the transparent house and electric lights are useless during the day. While glass doesn’t grow on trees, this see-through house is said to be inspired by Japanese ancestors living on trees. Despite its transparency, this unique house has complete amenities and several floors high.

  1. The Skate House 

In Malibu California, one skate enthusiast  took his love for the extreme sport to the next level. Pierre Andre Senizergu, a former World champion skater commissioned the design of a house where you can skate both outside and inside. Yes, that means the furniture are also skateable and so are the walls that form a tube. The house is divided into three areas, the first area is for the kitchen, dining room and living room. The second area is for the bedroom and a bathroom and the last is for skate practice. This house is a skater’s heaven.

  1. Water Tower House 

What would you do if a water tower in your town is no longer working? You turn it into a home. In Belgium, they did just that. The old tower was constructed sometime between 1938 and 1941 and has not been used for some time. People in the locality probably just look at it and accept its slow demise into rubble of dust in the future. But architect Mauro Brigham found another use for it—as a home. He started repairing the crumbling structure and turned it into a gorgeous home. But it’s not just any home, it is a modern home as it comes with the latest IT technology and advanced domotics system. From water tower to wow tower.

  1. Stone House

What do you do if you find huge boulders in your property? Maybe you’d think of removing them, but someone in Portugal had the awesome idea of turning them into a home. And someone did actually use it as a holiday destination. Now it is a museum featuring photos and history of the house and is becoming a tourist attraction.

  1. Church House

What happens when churches get abandoned? No one knows, but some become residential houses. The best thing about these churches which are renovated to become houses is that they are full of space, serenity and class. In the Netherlands, thousands of churches have been abandoned by the community, either because they built a new one or other reasons. Instead of letting these structures crumble, architects are racing to save them and repurpose them as family homes.

Whether they are new builds or just renovations, unique houses will attract and inspire people. If you own one, you will be popular. Fortunately you can renovate your normal house into a unique one with a good renovation company, competent designers, and with the help of 3D rendering services.


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