5 Tips for Writing Your Design Brief for Architects

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When you decide to have your own house built, you naturally want it to be perfect. That means you want it to be how you have always imagined it.  But sometimes, there are hurdles to achieving this. First is the fact that the architect may not fully understand your vision and second is you may not really be sure about what you want.

This is why it is advisable that you make a design brief for the architect or interior designer who will design your house. This will greatly help the architect understand your desires and needs for your future home. Here are some basic tips on how to make a design brief:

  1. Know what you really want in your house.

You have to be clear on what you want to see in your home—which furniture, appliances and amenities you want in there. To do this, you have to research and find the designs you want. You can download design pegs from sites like Houzz or you can do it the old-fashioned way, buy renovation magazines, and cut out the picture of the designs you like.  Don’t think of anything else, just find those things you like and save them. These images you collected will give you an idea of what kind of home you want to be built.

  1. Think of themes and feelings.

What kind of emotions do you want to feel in each space in your home? Do you want your living room to be a vibrant, energetic place or do you want it to be inviting and relaxing? Think of what you want to achieve with your space. Do you want a reading area with lots of natural light? Do you want to get rid of barriers in between the living room and the kitchen to make the space look bigger? What do you do at home on a daily basis? Consider your routine at home when writing your design brief.

  1. Look at your current living arrangement.

Whether you stay at the garage in your mother’s house, on the couch of your friend, or you rent an apartment, one thing is certain—that you have a living space. Now  what you should do is make a list of what you like about your current living arrangement and what you don’t like. This list alone will help you communicate to your architect or interior designer what you want and don’t want in your house.

  1. Draw up a basic floor plan.

Now here is the fun part.  One of the most important considerations when building a house is planning how many rooms will be there and where they will be located. You can be creative with making a floor plan. Just get a  pen and paper and try to draw where the  living room will, the kitchen, dining room bathrooms and bedrooms will be. However, be open to suggestions from your architect or interior designer as they know better how to maximize your space while still putting your ideas into consideration.

  1. Include your budget and other expectations.

State your budget and when you want the project to be completed. Your architect or interior designer will be able to give you options based on these requirements. Request 3D rendering from your designer to ensure that you understand their ideas before giving your go signal.

If you are the architect or the interior designer, it would help if you can provide a design brief template that your clients can fill out. This will help them better communicate their ideas and goals to you.


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