5 Things to Consider Before Designing a Rooftop Living Space

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Space is a commodity in many  big cities. There are just too many people flocking to the cities every year needing a place to live.  This makes  living space in cities  scarce and hard to come by. Even people who own houses in cities are suffering from lack of livable space—the living room is too small,  the bedrooms are tiny and  other discomforts. However, there is one space many homeowners have not even thought of using—the rooftop.

Most houses in cities have flat rooftops, but they are often left unused and wasted. However, many people are now realizing the potential of their rooftops not only for their own comfort, but even for a business opportunity with AirBnB.  So if you are an interior designer, there may be people who will use your services to turn their drab flat rooftops into a livable space for both personal and business use. Here are some things you should always prioritize:

  1. Safety

When most people hear the word “roof,” the first thing that will come to their mind is the height. The roof of course is one of the highest parts of the house, second only to chimneys.  This is a concern because  when there are no safety precautions,  there is a possibility that someone would fall from the roof and injure themselves.  That is why you need to ensure the safety of people who will use the rooftop space you are going to design.

The most important  safety feature should be railings or fences around the rooftop. Make sure they are made with better materials and are solidly placed. They should also be high enough that  when people lean on them, they don’t accidentally go over and fall.

It is also a good idea to have some caution signs just to remind people  to be careful.

  1. Heat and rain protection

The roof protects your  home interior from the heat of the sun and rain, but if you are in the rooftop, what’s going to protect you?  There are so many things you could do to put a sun and rain shelter on the rooftop depending on what it will be used for.  For example, if  the owner wants to use the space for AirBnB, then you might have to make an actual room there.

However, if the rooftop is just going to be used as an area for chilling, then you can place a semi- permanent canopy tent there and some furniture like beach chairs.

  1. Drainage

You don’t want the rooftop space to be filled with water once it becomes a living space, so make sure that there is an efficient draining system in place to avoid flooding.

  1. Comfort

Aside from sun and rain protection and aside from making sure the place is safe, you need to elements to make the place comfortable.  Some of the most common things are light couch, drinking water fountain, a television and a sound system and some plants to keep the place cool.

3D rendering of a roof view

  1. View

When designing a rooftop space, make sure that the best views are easily accessible. Rooftops are popular because people love to relax there at night and appreciate the night sky or the city lights. So don’t make the best views hard to access.

Rooftops are perfect  for designers because they are usually just open, clear spaces that you can decorate and design in any way you want. But you have to remember that  the factors above should be the priority.

If you are having your rooftop designed, request for 3D rendering services so you can check how the design will look like before committing to the project.

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