4 Ways Interior Designers Can Make More Money

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4 Ways Interior Designers Can Make More Money

Let’s face it: at some point, there can be a dearth of projects coming in and paying the bills can be such a challenge. However, for the truly enterprising, this is a source of inspiration and opportunity to pursue other means of income.

With the talents of an interior designer, sky’s the limit when it comes to chances for survival in a not so thriving industry from time to time. On the average, an interior designer earns $46k per year, according to PayScale. Here are some sources of money and new ways to forge new connections and business when it’s not exactly the boom economy:

1. Teaching

Teaching can be a very noble profession and what better way for students to learn than from a seasoned practitioner? Truthfully, it does not have to be the commitment that it is. You can teach students during a semester or even during weekends especially for those who are catered towards students who are professional themselves and can only study during Saturday and Sunday.

Another way to earn from teaching is organizing seminars. With other professionals, you can organize a half-day or two-day seminar wherein participants will have access to several topics. If you have a shop, letting them have hands-on training is even better. Topics can range from pitching to clients to making 3D rendering work for any design to marketing for interior designers.

The teaching industry is robust and always on the lookout for people who can impart their knowledge.

2. Consultancy

In some cases, there is no need for a designer per se but a consultant who can provide professional opinion on a remodelling project for boutique hotels or renovation projects for big offices or high end homes. Some developers simply need a person who can help them out of a design slump. A retail shop can also be thinking of rebranding and only needs a think tank to provide some great ideas to be able to succeed in their undertaking.

The great thing about consultancy is that it does not take up so much time but financially, can be very, very rewarding.

Offering consultancy

Offering consulting services

3. Retail space designing

There is no stopping shops from being built, whether online or brick and mortar. Interior designers can take advantage of this by providing their design eye and know how in making sure those store windows or set ups for websites are created and curated well.

4. Museum work

Speaking of curation, what better way to make that design eye work even harder than by handling the placements of art pieces in museums? This not only enriches the pocket but the soul as well, being in close proximity with the classics and the contemporary designs of different artists of varying canvases.

From marketing collaterals to mounting an exhibition, designers will have a field day putting together the right pieces and designing 3D walkthrough for better appreciation for art. After all, isn’t that what they do for the homes that they also so lavishly design for their most treasured clients?

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