4 Ways to Improve the Overall Look of Older Hotels

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4 Ways to Improve the Overall Look of Older Hotels

As designers, it may be easy to dismiss older structures such as homes, offices, buildings, and hotels as places of yore whose designs can no longer be resuscitated for the appreciation of the modern times. However, there is more to older structures, hotels more so, than meets the eye. Hotels carry with them the wealth of history that no other place carries with the people and events that have happened in its hallowed halls. So, instead of employing the wrecking ball to jumpstart the design process, read on instead for some quick ideas to update that older hotel you have your eyes on as your new client:

1. Work on the lights

One of the things that older structures have is expensive electricity bills no thanks to light bulbs that eat up more electricity than necessary. But even though you are swapping the old bulbs for LED, choose and plan for dimmers to still be able to achieve the romantic look of hotels inside the room, the reception area, and the corridors.

2. Improve the flow inside and update the basic amenities

If there is one thing that you can destroy, it would have to be the unneeded walls and lower ceilings that most hotels, especially the much affordable ones possess.

Instead of the rickety elevator, changing it with the faster ones can be safer and more convenient for guests. Also, making more space and changing the way people explore the place from the door to the reception or to the buffet area or the dining hall, to the elevators leading to the rooms can make a big difference. Having a 3D interior rendering of the place can easily help achieve this undertaking.

However, be careful as to not to destroy the vintage lamps or chandeliers in the process which can be repurposed.

3. Let the natural materials shine

Sadly, what makes hotels look so dated is something that was so unnecessary in the first place: over carpeting and ghastly wallpaper. To update the look, do one thing: remove them all. You may find under it the beauty of high quality wood and materials that the years of yore is blessed to have. Shining the flooring can make the rooms instantly brighter and smell even better as the molded carpets are taken out for good. Shiny surfaces make the room feel alive, says an article on Chicago Tribune. For the walls, place some artwork or provide a fresh coat of paint in white or mint green which works no matter the generation the hotel finds itself in.

For the bathrooms, if there is a plastic bathtub installed, remove them and place some really good vintage tubs to match the already amazing marble countertops that are in there. And then simply update the fixtures such as the showerheads, heating, sinks, and knobs.

4. Do an overall cleaning and provide nature right inside

What makes old hotels quite sad is the presence of plastic materials that belly their grandeur in the first place. Aside from a good contractor, partner with a seasoned florist that can design the flowers and plants found inside the whole hotel from top to bottom. And then, do a major cleaning and you will find a hotel that’s just as good, if not even better, than its contemporaries.

For inspiration, watch Hotel Impossible and see the 3D renders we’ve done for them here.

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