4 Ways to Depersonalize Your Home When Selling It

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When it comes to selling a home, as a homeowner who wants their property on the market, less is definitely more. HGTV recommends depersonalizing your home when preparing it for selling.

Depersonalizing the home, or simply put, making it look as simple as possible, is the key to speeding up the selling process. This is because it helps the buyer visualize the kind of home that he or she wants, together with design strategies such as the use of 3D rendering services. Think of it as them projecting their deepest wants and real preferences on a blank canvass. This then leads to a more sound decision when it comes to purchasing the home – and makes you the homeowner one property richer.

Here are some quick ways to make depersonalizing happen:

1. Let the walls be bare.

For most, painting the walls the loudest of colors or placing the busiest of prints for wallpapers is the way to go – with the mindset that this somehow gets the attention of the buyer. On the contrary, this simply makes them run for the hills. Keeping the color on the walls on the minimum makes it more conducive for the buyer to focus on what makes the property great such as its layout or its size.

Colors or patterns on the wall simply makes it look even smaller or in most cases, cluttered.

2. Make patterns serve as accents only

But if you must, make patterns serve as accents only. Placing it on areas or pieces such as a vase for the plants or the pillow casing draws the eyes to space and simply makes it look colorful instead of cluttered as mentioned. Doing so also gives life to the space especially since the whole place is predominantly neutral. But do not go beyond color or prints being accents.

When shopping for staging purposes, remember: be as understated as possible. It doesn’t have to scream and located together, you are not going to live in that house so it is best to leave the designing really to the buyers.

With this in mind, when choosing the pieces of furniture, also stick to the neutrals and the nondescript. Of course, this does not mean that the pieces should be boring – you can always buy structured items, without the imposing designs. Have as your peg Charles Eames pieces that everybody loves or as a theme, go for Scandinavian designs.

3. Remove names on walls, insignias, or even busy photographs or paintings

Aside from keeping the walls colored in the most neutral shades, freeing it from paintings or photographs removes the effort from the part of the buyer to imagine what it would look like if they have their own items up on the walls. Also, this says that you did not bore holes anywhere.

3D rendering of a depersonalized kitchen.

4. Stage offsite

The question now is: how do you do a staging? The best way to do it is via 3D rendering. 3D rendering services provides you with several options in terms of the direction without touching the current setup. Using 3D renders can help you reach out to more buyers and the buyers to have the benefit of looking at the actual space and imagining what that space can be like.

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