4 Tips for Selling Small Home Designs

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4 Tips for Selling Small Home Designs

A popular trend among the growing number of single Americans right now is buying and living in tiny houses. The tiny house movement as they call it is not going anywhere soon. So if you have designs for a tiny house and you want to sell them, these tips should help you.

Take note however that these tips will only help you sell. A big factor in the successful sales is still the design itself. Most people love unique and beautiful designs for small houses—something that will amaze others.

1. Find the right clients.

When selling tiny house designs, make sure that you approach the right people—those who have a big possibility of buying one. Singles or retirees are usually your best target, especially those who live an active lifestyle and only use their tiny house to sleep or rest at night such as outdoor enthusiasts.  Approaching a married couple with kids or planning to have kids may not be a good idea. Most tiny houses would not even be enough for two people.

2. Focus on organization.

When designing a tiny house, focus your mind on unique ways to organize  as many physical comforts into a small space as possible.  People living in tiny houses may also want a TV  or a refrigerator In their tiny house, so find ways to incorporate these appliances into the design in such a way that they don’t take too much space.

When you finally sell your tiny house, your buyers will appreciate that you put in as many physical comforts as you can and will therefore have a higher chance of buying. Remember, be unique and ingenious.

3. Talk about comfort.

Just because they are looking for a tiny house does not mean your potential buyer would forego comfort.  When discussing your design with potential buyers, make sure you focus on how comfortable the tiny house is even with its small size. Again, this depends on how you organize what’s inside the house.

·       Is the sleeping area comfortable enough?

·       Is there a bathroom or a shower room?

·       Can they move around comfortably?

·       Is the house safe?

·       Is there good lighting?

4. Presentation extraordinaire.

Finally, you might want to give your potential buyer a glimpse of your design in real life. But if the house is still a design and has not been built yet, how can you show them? Easy, by using 3D rendering services. You can show it to them on your laptop, tablet, or you can use a VR headset. It helps to make the architectural rendering interactive, too.

House External Render

House External Render

The tiny house movement is not going away soon, so you still have time to capitalize on the popularity of this trend. Just remember, the key to selling one is a good design and a good presentation.

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