4 Tips to Sell Office Design Ideas to Law Firms

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When it comes office design, nothing needs it more perfect than that of law firms. This business is all about the office – it’s where the main business of law is made and done. Lawyers need a great space to be able to their work well to win cases and if your design can communicate and provide this accordingly then you will win their business as well.

Here are some tips to make it happen:

  1. Have a compelling presentation.

Why does the law firm need a new design in the first place? Is it because they are rebranding? Are they gearing up for new business, which requires new partners and new design and space considerations? Are they moving buildings? All these things play a role in their decision-making and it is your responsibility to know and understand what these changes entail and demand from your presentation. Understanding also the needs of the different partners plays a big difference in ensuring that you will win their account.

These are lawyers and they basically live and breathe presenting compelling evidences to win their cases. Preparing the way they do will surely place you on the forefront of success when it comes to your design pitch.

  1. Have a walk through

Given their busy schedules, lawyers do not have time to set second or even third meetings with you much less their associates. Once you have that opportunity, make the most out of it by already providing all the information that they can refer to make the decision. Having a visual representation of your vision using 3D rendering services is a great direction to have.

Remember, they may not be as visually-driven as designers. They may not immediately see in their mind what you are trying to describe, so be ready with visual references from the get go.

  1. Create the perfect storage room

Doing law is synonymous to mountains of documents. These files are integral to making sure their clients are well taken care of. Having a design that highlights how they can have a storage room that can make their lives better and more organized is the key. Placing key accents such as a shared desktop computer or a laptop connected to several copiers can minimize the number of trips to take back and forth from the room to their cubicles. Aside from that, putting in the best filing cabinets with a system can help your case literally in selling your design.

  1. Talk about the costs.

How much will the client shell out for your design? Be upfront about this. Law firms are sticklers when it comes to agreements and you would never want your billings to be the show stoppers when it comes to winning their business.

Selling designs to law firms is not very different from selling to residential and commercial clients. The most important thing to do is to know your customer, what their needs are, and speak to directly to their needs with your design. Using 3D renders will help you communicate your design with clarity.

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