4 Tips to Sell a Home Fast

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Being able to sell a home fast is one sign of a home that’s well designed and well thought from the beginning. It means that it answers to a certain demographic and is able to capture a need in the market. But there is more to selling a home than just simply filling out an ad or placing a for sale sign upfront. Here are some techniques to flip that property in less than a month:

1. Fix your communication materials.

When letting people know that you are selling a home, make sure you are putting the best foot forward of the house by ensuring you are only using the best collaterals available. For example, having the high-resolution pictures of the space is par for the course and you can tap an upcoming photographer who may be needing a portfolio and would like to give his or services for free or for a minimum fee. No matter what happens, do not wing your visual representation. These pictures are items that you can use in several applications from posters, to flyers, to social media posts and whatever amount you have decided to invest in it will pay off in the end.

2. Show how the home can be.

Overly staged homes most likely do not get sold too as this inhibits the potential buyer from seeing what it could be. So instead of relying heavily on staging, take advantage of technology to help you stage the home in such a way that you can provide a view as to the kind of designs they can do with the space. Using 3D rendering services is one quick way to make this happen. Showing the home’s potential helps the buyer decide on a visual level what he or she can do with the space and this plays a big role in speeding up their decision-making.

3D interior rendering of a living room

3D interior rendering of a living room

3. Tap into your network.

Instead of casting a wide net, focus on the people you know. Those will most likely refer you to the right people and help provide you with the right network to speak with to get this done immediately. Maybe a friend of a friend is moving in the neighborhood and needs a home fast? This level of networking helps you reach the right people at the right time instead of second guessing and asking randomly. You can also reach out to a select number of home resellers or brokers who may have some personal clients who need to transfer to a home in a few weeks.

4. Do not live in the home anymore

One best way also to sell the home fast is by no longer living in it. This communicates to the buyers that they can transfer in a matter of days if need be and there is really no waiting time as to when they can enjoy the new home.

5. Sell to investors.

If your home is in a bad condition and you don’t have resources to renovate it, it is best to sell to companies who actually buy homes in whatever condition they are in. These are investors who buy homes with the intention of developing them and selling them later on for profit.

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