4 Tips to Sell a Beach Home

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When it comes to affluent property selling, the story is everything. People at that level no longer see property for what they can use it for but more so on how it can beef up their portfolio and enjoy the views. Beach homes are not utility items – you can survive without one. But for the people who can afford it, it is something of an item on a checklist and once you understand this as a designer and a developer, the sky is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with a client who knows and understands how to invest and enjoy their wealth.

Here are some tips to make sure that property gets sold and sold fast:

1.      Focus on the story.

Create the drama around the property. If it was a refurbished area, who were the former owners? Celebrity beach houses for example can ramp up the interest of your potential buyers by tenfold. If there are interesting tidbits about the property, say those too. This is not about utility as mentioned, but acquiring something that can add value to their lives in terms of their net value on paper and their lifestyles. What makes the area special? Is there anything of significance, a piece of history or a part of it that the space and the community represents?

The deck of the presentation can have several actual photos plus 3D architectural rendering of what the future owners can do with the property if the first meeting is not onsite. This can create the interest, which can lead to the site visit.

2.      Make the deck speak for itself.

Instead of a deck that is filled to the brim with technical items will not sell the beach house, create the story as mentioned through thedeck. Go beyond simply just selling a property but more of selling a place where they can create something for themselves and theirfamilies.

3.       Sell the potential.

The fact that they are talking to you means they already are intent on purchasing a beach house – the key here is to sell the beach housethat you have in a way that responds to their desires. If let’s say the buyer is into finance, communicating the selling potential can place you in the right direction. If the person is also another designer or knows properties and collects them, communicating the areas of the property where they can build and improve on puts you on another winning plane.

What this tells you is that a beach house means different things to different people. If you choose to do a one-size-fits-all approach,chances are, you will fail. Look at the motivations of the person, study their profiles carefully and proceed from there.

You can use 3D rendering to tell a story about the property and make the owners see its potential.

4.      Make the sale as effortless as possible.

One key thing to remember is that selling is an end to end business. You do not just present, you have to close and to close, you need tohave all bases covered. And this includes all the paperwork and the regulations to make sure that their ownership of the beach house is as fuss free as possible.

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