4 Tips to Create the Best Staging Event When Selling a Property

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4 Tips to Create the Best Staging Event When Selling a Property

Much like the food industry, people who buy property buy with their eyes. Visual is everything. Although the technical aspects of a house or an office count, buyers fall in love always with what they see.

That is why it’s important to invest in staging when presenting a place to the public. This way the property is presented in the most flattering manner that can be easily sold to any interested party.

Here are some staging techniques to make your property shine and get bought faster:

1.     Use natural lighting.

Remember how in magazines, most interiors look so alive and inviting? It’s all because of the proper use of natural light. When staging, always do it in the morning to see where the light hits the most and design around it. And then make sure that majority of people who will view the house passes by it.

Doing so also makes you more efficient in putting more effort in the areas where it counts.

2.     Provide nature right inside the home or office.

Aside from natural light, fresh flowers and plants make a space even more livable. It gives off a very cozy vibe that makes people crazy about a space. Bring in some potted plants and place it on the foyer, by the living room, and the bathrooms. Flowers such as hydrangeas, lilies, and mums add instant class to your place, not to mention the wonderful natural fragrance they provide.

You can also use some fresh fruits to liven up the kitchen counters. Place some tall vases and fill it up with a variety of citrus fruits for some pop of color such as orange and lemon.

3.     Go for white

With the help of the natural plants for color, opt for white for the rest of the space. This makes the place look more spacious and put together. It also helps the buyer perceive a blank canvas of sorts, which they can play around and explore in their own minds as they look at the house.

For the bedroom most especially, choose white linens and white towels to make it feel more relaxing and put together, just as what most top hotels do.

4.     Serve food and refreshment

Make your go-see a party! Provide some food and drinks to all your guests – it is something that will surely not go unappreciated. Staging is all about having fun and making the space look better and everything definitely looks good with some food.

If you can, leave some tokens such as cookies or some biscuits that they can take home together with a copy of the 3D rendering of the place. Providing them 3D rendering leaves a good impression to the person viewing and enables them to study the property on their own.

3D Rendering of a Living Room and a DIning Area

3D Rendering of a Living Room and a Dining Area

Serving food also removes the stuffiness and formality that go into buying property and help your guest/potential buyer feel right at home, as they should be.

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