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4 Home Renovation Habits of Savvy Homeowners

When it comes to renovating one’s home, homeowners have different practices. There are those who renovate for the sake of renovating while the smarter and savvier ones know that there really is more to the decision to renovate than meets the eye.

With the great requirements of renovating, from investing time, money, and of course, effort, there are several things to consider and take advantage of when improving one’s home for long term gain, whether the homeowner will live there forever or will eventually sell the property.

 Here are some habits from really good homeowners to pick up when maintaining one’s abode:

1. They don’t renovate when it’s needed – renovation is part of the schedule.

When it comes to maintaining the home, renovating should be as normal as buying groceries. For example, you can schedule a total paint job every year for the outdoors and every two years for the indoors, de-grouting of the pathways every three to four months, and update on the upholsteries every three years for all the chairs and sofas.

Another important thing to schedule on a regular basis is a total professional pest control service treatment, which should be done every month for the kitchen and every two months for the whole house, provided certain maintenance measures are followed on a daily basis. And then, if possible, a total overhaul of the whole house every four years or earlier especially for the kitchen for design and structural updates.

Doing so places the homeowner at a very proactive stance, instead of renovating when it is far too late. Renovating only when it’s needed is more expensive as there is more work to be done and chances are, contractors are more inclined to charge more due to the effort needed.

2. They hire the best (although not necessarily the most expensive) contractors for renovation projects.

The thing about hiring the best is that you do not just get the best but also, you get what lasts. Contractors are one in a dozen but there are the chosen few who can really deliver the goods. Those are the kinds of people that savvy homeowners hire because they understand the value of quality, of relationships, and of good work. Instead of scrimping, they invest in contractors who can really provide the best options that help them decide the best way forward for their home.

If you’re a designer or a contractor, part of delivery great customer service is offering your clients options and showing it through architecture 3D rendering. A 3D rendering presentation will help the client see your ideas clearly and help them save time and money when it comes to choosing designs and materials for the renovation.

Living Room Internal Render

Living Room Internal Render

3. They always know what they want.

The success of renovating a home resides really on their shoulders, a responsibility that they take very seriously. Once they set their minds that a renovation is going to happen, great homeowners know exactly the vision and the results they want for the home, which they communicate immediately to their designers and contractors, without the need to constantly change plans, which leads to a lot of delays.

4. They know when to quit.

Sometimes, homeowners outgrow their houses. No matter how many renovations, a home can only take so much change and homeowners who understand know when to cut their losses and move on to selling the house. Likewise, they also respect the people who work in construction when they are told that an idea is truly not feasible.

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