Venelle Properties: Helping You Enter the World of Property Development With Confidence

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Venelle Properties: Helping You Enter the World of Property Development With Confidence

Venelle Properties is a property development company based in Brisbane, Australia. What makes them so unique is the level of service they offer. If you are looking to get started in Property Development but don’t know how – they can take care of everything from council approvals to picking the right tiles! Venelle Properties assists individuals with little to no knowledge or experience in property development create a profitable future without leaving their lounge room!

Power Rendering is proud to feature Steve West, owner of Venelle Properties as he shares his passion for work, experience, plus tips for success in the architecture and real estate industry.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work? 

As you might know, I design all my developments, and while most of my house and townhouse designs are focused on cost efficiency, I am always trying to stay on the cutting edge of elegant design.  Sometimes, I will literally sit up in bed at 2.00am in the morning with something I might want to try on a job!

What do you consider your firms most successful project and why?

We are currently in the process of getting an 18 townhouse development on a difficult site through Council.  The complex, which has interesting rooflines and cladding combinations, will give life to a tired neighbourhood.

What particular project are you most proud of and why? What are your favourite projects? 

I love doing townhouse developments for my clients, as they give great returns.  It’s also satisfying seeing something I have designed come out of the ground, springing to life!  We have a set of 5 townhouses being constructed now, which I am very proud of.  Nobody wanted the block of land because it was another hard site to design something on.  But with a bit of perseverance and thinking outside the box, it came to fruition.

What are your tried-and-tested marketing tips? How do you market your services?

I have to admit, I don’t do a lot of advertising for my business.  It is nearly all word of mouth.  I have been in the industry for 25 years now, and word will spread like a spider’s web.  Alternatively, if you don’t do the right thing by people, you won’t last very long.

How has 3D architectural rendering helped your business? 

About 75% of people I have met, cannot visualize what a job will look like when it’s finished.  The 3D images I get from Power Rendering give my clients, and prospective buyers, a realistic view of what they are getting, right down to the colours.

How do you maintain good working relationship with your clients?

There is a lot to be said for doing the little things right.  Making an effort for your client goes a long way!  And once you have your client’s trust, they will refer you to other friends and family, and the spiderweb of contacts grows.

What is your advice to budding architects who want to be successful in the industry? 

I knew when I was 14 what I wanted to do for a living.  If you are not passionate about what you are doing, it makes your working time so much harder.  Your passion will drive you to think outside the box, and strive to find ways to succeed.  And don’t be afraid to stick to your guns when it all hits the fan, show some balls!

To get in touch with Venelle Properties, contact Steve at +61 409 190 048 or email at

If you would like to have professional photo-realistic 3D renders designed for marketing your property development projects, contact us.

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