3D Rendering Technology in Architecture: A Revolutionary Technology

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Visual appeal is one of the most important factors when it comes to selling property. For architects, those tasked with coming up with the ideal property design, selling an idea is an integral part of any contract. Smart architects are embracing 3D technology for the convenience it brings to the table.

Fine-Tuning Visual Imagery

Mankind has spent thousands of years trying to perfect the inside. Everyone looks forward to the ideal living or working space. To this end, investors are always looking for perfection. It all starts with the idea, and a mock model of the proposed project is a make-or-break factor when it comes to closing the deal.

Of all the presentation options available, 3D rendering is by far the best. It helps to bring out the exact appearance and design of a building to the minutest detail. 3D rendering services utilize advanced computerized design technology to present realistic, miniature models of virtually anything, including buildings. They capture all factors including shape, color, dimensions, and so much more. They even develop models of the interior in the same package, thus giving your audience a complete picture of what to expect in a perfect replica.

Interestingly, 3D technology is also making it easier for architects to come up with better designs. This is because it offers greater flexibility compared to traditional blueprints. The codes used in blueprints make it easy to miss minor yet important details such as color and material. 3D rendering doesn’t involve coding, but rather presents an exact visual replica, helping the architect avoid seemingly minor problems that can ruin the overall outcome.

3D exterior residential rendering of a modern home.

A Marketing and Approval Plus

Buildings are coming up faster than ever before. The real estate industry has been booming for so long now that it is rumored there may be a bubble burst. To this end, investors are more cautious and will not invest their money in just any idea. For architects and developers, staying in business means coming up with the best marketing appeal.

However, it goes beyond the investors to include local councils, those who have the final say on whether or not the building will be coming up. Local councils seek the best for their towns and cities. To this end, any upcoming buildings are scrutinized closely. It is not uncommon for councils to ask for 3D architectural models in a bid to get a picture of how they will impact the city’s overall appearance. Considering the visual appeal associated with proper 3D architectural artistic impressions, chances of approval are higher when using 3D rendering technology.

More Developments in the Future

3D technology is permeating many industries, and it has come with excellent benefits for the real estate industry for everyone involved. Architects, in particular, can enjoy a better design and marketing tool. What’s more, advances in the technology promise greater capabilities in the coming future.  In fact the it has been reported by Research and Markets that visualization and 3D rendering software market size is expected to grow from USD 431.1 million to USD 1.602.3 million by 2020.






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