3D Rendering Plus Other Marketing Tips for Optical Shop Owners

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3D Rendering Plus Other Marketing Tips for Optical Shop Owners

There is a growing interest in quality eyewear lately due to the surge in both gadget usage and information about sun protection. But people are not just buying the practical side of eye wear, but also the fashion aspect of it has become an integral part in the overall look of people who use it (i.e. Vogue’s Anna Wintour, stylist Rachel Zoe, and fashionista and socialite Nicole Richie). But with optical shops taking up space in every mall and every corner outside of it, what can a new player do to make the shop stand out?

Here are some ways to make that optical shop the top of mind place to go to for all things eyes and eyewear:

1.       Stop being so clinical about the look.

What’s the one thing you notice when it comes to optical shops? They all look the same. The middle portion has an island with glasses while the sides have shelves of eye wear to choose from and at the back you can see the area for check-ups. And all those elements are under the unforgiving and not even remotely appealing white light that’s yes – also found in hospitals!

Who wants to shop in hospitals or at least a place that evokes the feeling? Instead, take your cue from retail shops such as gadget stores and clothing shops. These places promote trial and interaction with the product.

Make those amazing eyeglasses and sunglasses shine by placing them in easy-to-access display racks instead of locked behind glass panels. Play with lighting. Provide more color on the walls. Furthermore, invest in pipe in music to complete the whole vibe.

2.       Make them see how it looks like in a new way.

Step up further by providing 3D rendering versions of the shades on different kinds of face shapes. This is one of the reasons why a person will take the plunge and buy if they see the options. With 3D rendering, collaterals such as videos and 3D imagery on the spot can take place and help the consumer make the choice.

Another product that’s all the rage are colored contact lenses. But compared to glasses, these cannot be tried prior to purchase. This is where the magic of 3D rendering comes in. Simply provide samples of the products in action without the need to open a new box each time. The rendering may include different options of the hair and skin tone of the person to help him or her decide.

3.       Make it easy to shop.

Usually, optical shops are cramped. It is definitely one of those places that you come in and leave as soon as you get a prescription. Change this by giving more space. Instead of placing everything from wall to wall, why not create nooks depending on the shades or the use versus just lumping them based on the brand?

These tips will surely spur sales and urge people to buy more.

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