3D Rendering and More Tips to Have Better Attics

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3D Rendering and More Tips to Have Better Attics

There is a new appreciation for attics for home owners. What once was regarded to as a place for home items that can be forgotten for years to come and left to fester with cobwebs, attics are now front and center, being another facet of creative living spaces that homeowners can take advantage of for more space and better living conditions.

Attics eat a sizable amount of a home and makes for a place that’s great for expanding the home to create more spaces to rest, play, and even work. Here are some tips to make your attic more special:

1. Make use of it as a bedroom

One of the best things about the attic is that it provides instant privacy, something that tweens and teenagers in the family will be more than happy about. To further maximize the high ceiling, opt instead for a slightly lower bed or take out the bed altogether and let the kids sleep on a thick mattress on the floor. This further helps in maintaining the space as it can be easily removed or placed on the wall during the day. For more ease of use, a daybed is a great choice to place as well.

To ensure that the space is well used, remove clutter by installing wall to wall open shelves for their books, bags, shoes, and other things. Making use of thinner pieces of furniture such as modern floor lamps and vanity tables add to the ambiance of the attic.

2. Opt for lighter colors

Most attics are naturally in dark colors but to make it more livable, make use of lively wallpapers and lighter shades of paint on the walls to instantly give it some pizzazz. Bold prints such as chevron or stripes and contrasting color combinations such as gray and orange or mint green and deep blue create a space that’s bigger and more spacious to the naked eye, not to mention relaxing and design driven.

Lighter colors need not be just white or beige. As mentioned, play with color! Mix and match with the use of paint chips or swatches on the wall to come up with a unique and engaging combination. Colors provide any space a breath of fresh air. Love graphics? Opt for framed posters and black and white photographs. These are simple yet impactful ways to make the attic come alive.

3. Plan properly

Due to the location in the house, attics can make or break the home literally. Prior to beautifying, work with a local contractor who can provide key advice as to what needs to be done to improve the space such as loose wiring or water damage from years of neglect. And then, plot the design accordingly with the use of 3D rendering to be sure that all bases are covered.

When it comes to home improvements, prevention is always better than cure. So to create the attic of your dreams, plan well and execute properly.

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