How 3D Architectural Rendering Designers Can Overcome Creative Block

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How 3D Architectural Rendering Designers Can Overcome Creative Block

You’ve been staring at your PC for almost 2 hours now and still, all you have is an empty white canvas or you’ve probably been doing and re-doing particular details. You feel stuck at work and can’t move on. At this moment, you are just not feeling that “spark ”that always fuelled you up to produce beautiful 3D renders for your clients. We call this artist’s block.

If there is such as a thing as writer’s block, there is also what we call the artist’s block phenomenon. These are the times when you feel that you have lost interest and passion for work. You can never seem to come up with great ideas and you’re having a hard time getting yourself out of that unproductive rut.

Laura Spencer of Freelance Folder enumerates five possible causes of creative block: fear, perfectionism, busy-ness, procrastination, and health. We agree that inherent fear of failure and perfectionism can hamper creativity. It is also true that delaying work and overscheduling do not give 3D designers enough time to process their ideas. Obviously, not taking care of your health can also adversely affect creativity and productivity.

We add one more point to the possible causes of creative block: career stagnation. Learning should never stop for 3D architectural rendering designers. As 3D artists who work for architects, interior designers, and property developers, these professionals should make it a point to update themselves with the latest trends in the industry.

Along with keeping up with these industry trends, the designers or architectural technicians must also be updated when it comes to the software programs used for creating 3D renders. Makers of these software programs always produce new versions of their product or sometimes, a new program altogether.

We know how frustrating creative block can be for architectural technicians and 3D designers. But the good news is, this phenomenon is temporary and can be remedied.

Here are five tips on how to overcome artist’s block and get your 3D rendering groove back in no time.

1. Enroll in training courses. If you feel you’ve reached a career plateau, enrol in classes that will increase your knowledge and skills in the industry. Learn how to use new software programs or simple tips and tricks that can help you increase productivity at work. Websites like and 3D Training Institute offer  learning opportunities for designers.

2. Connect with experts in the 3D architectural rendering industry. Experts who have done well in the field can give you insights and helpful tips on how to overcome creative block. Share the challenges you are encountering at work. You’ll be surprised to find that people love to share their own success stories. Sometimes, all you need is a listening ear and a person who can understand what you are going through.

3. Go out for a walk. Break the monotonous cycle of creating and re-doing your 3D architectural rendering work. Walk in the park. Take a breather. Medical News Today reports that walking can help boost creative thinking. According to the report, Stanford University researchers have found in one study that creative levels of people went up by as much as 60% while walking.

4. Find inspiration online or from print. Browse through magazines or through websites that showcase 3D architectural renders. Browse through websites that feature online portfolios of architects and designers such as and You can also check our gallery for 3D rendering inspiration!

5. Give yourself a deadline. Deadlines pressure you to work, with or without that creative “spark.” Just make sure that you have given yourself enough time to relax and unwind so you can go back to work with renewed energy. An article in Life Hacker suggests that creativity is not just something intuitive. It’s also hard work and a skill that can be learned.

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