SJKramer Provides Quality Architectural Solutions in Texas

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SJKramer: Over 25 Years of Providing High-Quality Architectural Solutions in Texas

Stephen J. Kramer Architecture + Design, Inc. (SJKramer) is a full-service architectural firm based in San Antonio, Texas. Since its inception in 1988, SJKramer has successfully completed hundreds of projects in Texas, Arizona, and Illinois. The firm has worked on a wide variety of projects including commercial offices, medical and dental facilities, veterinary clinics, industrial office space, retail stores, and custom homes.

SJKramer aims to provide quality design by utilizing new technologies and above all, listening to the needs of their clientele and responding with the best solution possible. Power Rendering is honored to be part of SJKramer’s work as the firm’s provider of premium 3D architectural rendering design services.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work?

Our work in inspired by the dreams and goals of our clients.  We base our designs on their functional requirements along with the vernacular style of our local Texas Hill Country architecture combined with clean modern lines and contemporary materials and colors.

What do you consider your firms most successful project and why?

I would consider our firm’s most successful project a series of restaurant buildings that we have done for the Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Restaurant chain.  Over the past 20 plus years we have completed over 30 projects for this client and have managed to maintain our long-term relationship with them throughout.

What particular project are you most proud of and why?

The project I am most proud of is the Schertz Parkway Plaza.  It is a 7 acre master planned medical office complex consisting of 8 separate commercial buildings totaling over 50,000 s.f., providing the owners and tenants a park-like setting in the small community of Schertz outside San Antonio, TX.

What are your favourite projects?

My favorite projects are large scale commercial office buildings and the clinic work that we do including medical, dental and veterinary offices.

What are your tried-and-tested marketing tips? How do you market your services?

We typically market our services by referral and word of mouth.  The way we do this includes using social media, a good web presence, and monthly email newsletters.  Most importantly we make sure to provide excellent response, design services, and competitive fees to our clients so that they will feel good about using us on future work and recommending us to their friends and business associates.

How has 3D architectural rendering helped your business?

3D architectural rendering has helped us in a number of ways including allowing us to explore multiple design options quickly.  It also helps us as well as our clients visualize how a project will look before we start working drawings allowing for modifications early on that can improve design and functionality.  Finally it gives the client the ability to showcase a design before and during construction, which gives them the opportunity to generate excitement within their businesses and among their clients.

How do you maintain good working relationship with your clients?

Communication is the key to all good relationships and that is no different in the relationship between ourselves and our clients.  We strive to do the best work we can, as quickly as possible for the most competitive fee, but when all is considered keeping the client informed is the most critical part or maintaining a good ongoing relationship.

What is your advice to budding architects who want to be successful in the industry?

Learn all you can while you are in school and as you start your career, do the best you can at work and make sure that you, your colleagues and clients enjoy the projects that you work on no matter what they might be.

SJKramer is located at 4733 Shavano Oak Dr. Suite 103 San Antonio, Texas 78249. They may be reached by calling (210) 479-8900 or via their website.

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