3D Architectural Rendering Design Companies: What Are They Offering?

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3D Architectural Rendering Companies: What Are They Offering?

In the industry of property development, 3D architectural renders can just be as effective (if not more effective) in attracting potential buyers than photographs and descriptions. These computer-generated photorealistic images have not only affected the way architects, interior designers, and property developers do their business, it has also changed the way major manufacturing companies conduct theirs.

An article in Forbes explains how 3D has changed the way people shop. It was mentioned in the article that the whole industry might reach $1.5 billion in global sales. Major brands like the Swedish furniture giant IKEA for example, has made a 25% shift of its catalog illustrations from photography to computer-generated imagery. This fact was highlighted by another article in Wall Street Journal, which mentions that the computer-generated images aim to save on marketing costs.

In property development, computer-generated images are often referred to as architectural 3D renderings. These images help turn a designer’s vision into reality way before the structure gets built. These not only establish connection with the customers but also elevate the competition among the developers. For these reasons, it is essential for 3D architectural rendering firms to employ the best graphic engineers and designers who are fully equipped with skills and knowledge to produce high-quality 3D renders—images that even the trained eye could barely distinguish from the real photo.

The effectiveness of 3D architectural rendering for visualizing property development has certainly increased the demand for companies who provide this service. Property developers aim to attract prospective investors and customers and get them to capitalize on the property they are developing. To date, 3D architectural renderings used in advertising, marketing brochures or catalogues are considered as one of the best ways to entice these potential venture capitalists.

Developers can opt to have their rendering tasks done in-house. The architects, engineers, or graphic artists employed by the developer may be assigned to create these images. However, because the job can be time-consuming and is a requirement that can’t be compromised, many developers resort to this practical move: outsource the task to reputable 3D rendering design companies. This allows the property development company to re-allocate their manpower and resources on other important aspects of their projects like designing, managing the construction of the property, meeting with clients, or closing more sales.

Property developers avail utilize the services of competitive 3D architectural rendering companies to deliver high-quality architectural rendering, modeling, walkthrough animations, and other high-end 3D outsourcing services. The process is often straightforward and hassle-free. Property developers are often required to send 2D sketches like blue print, floor plan, AutoCAD or SketchUp generated drawings (often done online) and the 3D architectural rendering company will convert these drawings to high-end 3D architectural renderings and animations. Inclusive in these services are conceptual and detailed drawings, texturing and express light play. From the 3D drafts, textures, colors and realistic materials are applied all based on the customer’s preferences. Realistic lighting conditions are then simulated for a much realistic finish.

Various areas of expertise of these firms include residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Properties such as hotels, resorts, recreational parks, hospitals, and commercial buildings are the most common infrastructure that is being subjected to 3D architectural renderings. Transportation infrastructures such as railroads, bridges, highways, airports, piers, and terminals can also be engaged in these renderings. Most of the time, developers are offered a comprehensive set of services that includes everything from 3D floor plan, interior and exterior view to customized or modular furniture and fixtures to landscaping designs.Architectural 3D renderings are not only applicable to websites, brochures, and catalogues distributed by real estate developers to the general public. Digital walkthrough architectural renderings can also be found in various websites of establishments like hotels and resorts to let the customers virtually “walk”inside the property. 3D architectural rendering companies must have a sense of creativity, flexibility and proper articulations and adaptations to be able to respond to the demands of their customers.

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