Marketing your Interior Design Business

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Marketing your Interior Design Business

Interior designers will have no shortage on prospective clients. This is because there will always be new homes, offices, stores and buildings built and more often than not, they will need an interior designer. The only problem is that no matter how good and creative a particular designer is, he may not be getting his fair share of clients. The solution to that problem is marketing. Marketing is the method through which businesses make people aware about their products and services. Here are some helpful marketing tips for new interior designers.

Create a portfolio

Everyone who plans to be on the design business should develop his or her portfolio early. A portfolio is a collection of photographs of design projects, ideas and work they have done and this is one of the first few things that clients will ask for when looking for interior designers for their property. But a new interior designer may not have actual projects to show yet. This is where 3D rendering may help you make your portfolio more interesting. Interior designers can use 3D rendering to showcase their design skills. To reach more potential clients, interior designers can also create a website or a blog where they can display their 3D rendered designs to the world. Because 3D rendering takes technical skills and time to do, it is best to outsource them to 3D rendering companies or professionals who can get the job done for you.

Make friends with other interior designers

Becoming friends with other professionals in the interior design industry and building your network is another way to market your services. While this does not directly help you get in touch with potential clients, networking can give you the much needed advise and support when it comes to your work. Those who are already way up in the popularity list can also recommend you if they cannot accept certain projects because they are already very busy. One of the best ways to meet other interior designers is by joining American Society of Interior Designers. Not only that, this group also gives seminars to further improve an interior designer’s craft.

Doing the best for each project

The business doesn’t end in just finding a client. It is also important to impress them after each project so you can build your reputation as a designer. If the same client would need an interior designer again, they will consider the last designer that impressed them. If one of their partners or friends need an interior designing service too, they will probably recommend you if they are happy with your work. Remember, it’s not just about finding new clients, it’s also about keeping the ones you already have. Image is everything.

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