3 Tips for Selling Rustic Homes

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3 Tips for Selling Rustic Homes

Selling older and more rustic homes can be a challenge in today’s focus on more modern and upscale real estate ownership. However, for the more enterprising agent or reseller, this might be the best advantage they may have over other sellers. When it comes to selling these homes, it’s all about knowing where to focus marketwise and which to highlight in terms of communicating to the public about the property.

Are you a homeowner who wants to move to another property? Are you a real estate agent that wants a great sale on a good rustic property? Here are some quick start points to get that property off your hands and into someone who loves the bucolic feel:

1.       Make messaging work for you

Sometimes, the words used on sale materials defeats the purpose of selling it in the first place. Instead of saying the place is second hand, why not borrow from the luxury bag market and use the word pre-loved to describe the place? This gives the reader a feel as to how well-taken care of the place is instead of a place that’s being deserted for an upgrade. Also, pictures tell the story of the place more so than words can ever do. So get yourself a great photographer which can bring together a good reference on the property. Another way to make a fantastic visual is through 3D rendering, which can even do a 360 degree access to your property on sale when placed online. That way, you don’t have to be present in all viewings and you can reach more people.

2.       Know where to place the message

Think of low hanging fruit markets when introducing your property. Where is it near? Starting families will love the home if it’s near hospitals, schools, groceries, and a drive away from the city. Reach them in hospital message boards or parenting websites and chatrooms where new parents go for advice or leads. You can also coordinate with the local organizations to get the word around.

Thinking of selling it to baby boomers? Reach out to alumni associations which may have some members looking for a home that’s more up their ally in terms of design and budget now that their kids are off to college.

3.       Make the age yield to your advantage

When it comes to rustic homes, you cannot deny that the property may have been around for 25 years or more in some cases. Why fight it? Instead, highlight it. Make it the hero of your pitch. The fact that the home has stood the test of time is sign of the workmanship and maintenance that went into building and caring for it. Some buyers may be wary of the old wood but make them realize that there are not many homes that can have that kind of materials in this day and age.

3D Rendering of a Country Home

3D Rendering of a Country Home

If you want to suggest design improvements, you can again use 3D rendering to show clients the possible things they can do with the rustic home.

The secret is in making the home speak for itself and letting the buyer see its amazing potential as a great home for their family. 


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