3 Tips For Selling Open Space Design

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When it comes to selling a home or an office space design, there is more to aesthetics than meets the eye. Especially these days, office managers and homeowners are also dead set on getting more bang for their buck and are adamant on making sure they get the best possible design out of a limited budget.

Today, that kind of design is the open space design. What used to be a productivity hack idea by startups, the open space design has gained prominence across all psychographics and is now being preferred by most space owners. Open spaces have been found to help alleviate stress, especially for learning environments. But how does one effectively sell their design if everyone is doing it? Here are some ways to make it happen:

1. Harp on the long-term benefits.

The open space design can be such a no brainer design – it’s easy to dismiss it as simply removing barriers in a space or having lesser pieces of furniture. However, as a designer, this is your opportunity to educate the potential buyer and client. The true test of an open space design is not what it is but more so, what it could be. There are many ways an open space design can be very beneficial.

In terms of experience, it espouses more collaboration between several teams working on a certain project and creates better chances for communication. For the home, it makes the house look even bigger and efficient in terms of energy as there is no need for several units of air conditioning (same as with offices), so it helps lower electricity costs.

Also, you’ll have more options with open space design. Should the office decide to have a part of the space rented out to sub-leasing or for shared working environments, this design permits that. As for homeowners, this design direction provides so much flexibility should they decide to have a different design direction in a few months based on their need.

2. Show the flow of the design.

Open space design is easy to imagine but hard to understand and appreciate; so as a designer aside from having layouts, prepare 3D architectural animation as well. This gives the client a good view as to what they are signing up for. 3D rendering services also make the approval process move faster and more efficiently because they already see what your design can do for their space.

3D Rendering Services

3. Have a side by side costing

The best way as well to sell an open space design aside from what it can do and what it looks like is how much it costs. In general, open layouts are cheaper because you use lesser materials and equipment to pull it off. However, owners do not just stop at what you say so show the computations. If they opt for the traditional design versus the open layout design, what is the price difference? Doing so just might be the greatest difference in tipping their decision towards what you are buying.

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