3 Things That Drive Away Potential Design Customers

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When it comes to getting in more clients, there are countless tips on how to get more leads and get more meetings in. However, very few will caution firms against the very things that will drive them away in the first place.

Here are some things to prevent and improve on to make sure your firm gets the client – and actually keeps them:

  1. Having zero accountability.

When it comes to client, great service is paramount. But making sure it is consistent is the real game-changing move. Having for example an account manager who can serve as the key point person is the best way to make the client feel not just special or important but more importantly, that they are taken seriously and that the firm is in it for the long haul.

When clients are being passed from one person to another or when they feel like there is no key person hearing them out, even if everything is passed on time, the client still will feel slighted and ignored if they seem to be talking to different people. Doing so also highlights the fact that the design firm does not have everything in place, especially with client relations.

  1. Lack of business vision.

More often than not, a client, especially if it’s a company, would hire a design firm because there is a means to an end – they view the space as an aspect of their business that needs to be maximized to the fullest and therefore should be understood by the design firm from the get go. Designs of this nature should just be decorative at best – they must be lucrative.

For example, a restaurant should be measured based on the number of seats that can comfortably seated but at the same time, the kitchen should be maximized to capacity to make it happen without sacrificing quality. Having this kind of mindset does not require years of experience, in fact this is where a new firm can compete with the best of them because at the end of the day, a design that can deliver the goods wins the day. On the other hand, a firm who does not have this mindset loses the client.

  1. Not being open to change.

Clients are clients and if a firm cannot accommodate edits, then they might as well close shop. Of course, there is a need to set expectations and limit the number of edits as to avoid losing money from numerous changes, however, there is a need for firms to understand that these clients have a business or a personal space that they need to perfect because they paid for it. Presenting 3D rendering would help minimize revisions as these photorealistic images gets rid of design ambiguities.

And usually, making these types of clients happy is the way to go because these are the ones who have the clout and the influence to recommend a service and make successes out of those who can provide exactly what’s needed by exacting demands.

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