3 Points to Highlight When Selling a Modern Kitchen

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If you sell homes, you may often use the pitch “modern kitchen” to try to get people to agree to buy the house you are selling. Most of the time, people respond positively to that pitch. Modern kitchen has its benefits. However, you will might across buyers who will ask you why you need a modern kitchen in the first place. Here are some talking points that you can lay down to help them understand the value of having one:

  1. Energy efficiency

If you want to reduce electricity bills and carbon footprint, you might want to have a home that uses as little electricity as possible. One of the places that use the most electricity in the house is the kitchen. Think of the electric stove, refrigerator, lighting, dishwasher and many more.

Modern appliances are more energy-efficient than old ones. Modern technology is geared towards trying to find ways to reduce energy usage not only to save money but also to help mitigate global warming. Most of the energy in the US comes from coal or crude oil, which both produce carbon dioxide that makes the planet warmer.

By being energy-efficient, you can reduce your bill, which you can add to your monthly savings or use for leisure time with the children, all the while helping mother earth breathe a little easier.

  1. Water efficiency

Another monthly bill that people absolutely detest but can’t help but pay are water bills. Aside from the bathroom and toilet, the kitchen is the place where a lot of water is being used. It is there that you wash the ingredients that you are going to use for cooking, it is there that you wash the dishes, and it is there that you get the water to drink.

Replacing your kitchen plumbing with a new one and using a more water saving dishwasher will help lower down the water bill in your home. Most buyers would rather have a high priced  but energy efficient home than a low priced but obsolete kitchen. After all, the savings they will make will more than make up for the extra price of the house.

  1. Safety

Compared to decades ago, modern kitchens are infinitely safer for your family. Modern appliances have safety features that prevent fire, electrocution, and water leaks that may cause accidents. Adding further safety electronics like smoke detectors will also make your buyers feel more relaxed about buying the house. This is especially useful if you are selling to a big family with many kids.

The kitchen is one of the places in the house that potential buyers want to check. Safety, energy efficiency, and water efficiency are the best talking points you can use when you sell a modern kitchen. Buyers would often find it hard to visualize it if you just describe your ideas or show them your plan. Use 3D rendering to give them a realistic view of their future modern kitchen. Prepare 3D interior renders as your visual aid when highlighting these modern kitchen features.

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