3 Design Inspirations from Japan

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Many Japanese homes are small, but the surprising part is that inside is comfortable and spacious.  Sometimes it makes you wonder if your eyes tricked you when you saw the home from the outside. But there is no trickery or magic involved in this phenomenon, it is simply the result of great planning and some space-saving home innovations that Japanese designers have created.

What makes this important to you as a designer is that a client may come to you wanting you to design a small, but comfortable house. That is the time you can draw inspiration from Japanese homes.

  1. Compact kitchen

One of the major parts of the house is the kitchen, it also takes a huge space for  stove, gas range, oven, microwave refrigerator and several cabinets containing knives and utensils.

In Japan however, a company called Sanwa designed a small, semi portable compact kitchen with minimalist design. It contains all that you need to cook food, even with its size, which is just a little bigger than a refrigerator. It is perfect for people whose homes are not very big. It looks a little like a vending machine.

  1. Sink-toilet combo

When people finish their business in the toilet, they usually flush their waste then wash their hands or the other way around. Now many Japanese thinks this is just a waste of water.  So they invented a toilet- sink combo, wherein the cover for the cistern containing the flush water is a sink complete with a faucet and drain.

Instead of using water to wash your hand and another batch of water to flush, the water you used for handwashing is used as the flushing water.  This saves a lot space because toilet sink and counter that take  a lot of space can be done away with.

  1. Tatami mat with transformer feature

In many Japanese homes, instead of using carpets, they use tatami mats to cover their floors. Now, however, tatami mats  do more than just being stepped on. A Japanese designer name Shin Yamashita created a tatami mat that can  be transformed into a table for study and eating by just lifting up some of the tatami panels.

This modern tatami called land peel revolutionised tatami in japan. The great thing about it is that once you are done eating, you can simply fold the chair and table back to the floor and it becomes a tatami mat again.

Japanese home innovations are perfect for small homes since they save space by ingeniously combining two different facilities together.  So the next time a client asks you to design a small house for them, check through different Japanese style interiors online and use them to inspire you. Use 3D rendering services to show them your Japanese-inspired designs.

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