2018 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out For

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2018 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out For

As the trends that made up 2017 slowly fade from our memory, we look towards the future and see what trends we might have in 2018. Trend predictions are by no means set in stone, but knowing what the trend setters and fashion influencers have in mind is a big advantage for you as a designer. See what’s in store for 2018:

  1. Vintage decorations

Vintage accessories are in for 2018.  Vintage accessories give your space a unique and warm personality. Whether it is an accessory you picked up in a garage sale or a flea market, as long as they look nice in your design, they can be used. But if you want to include a nostalgic feel in your home, focus on vintage accessories from an era that connects with you emotionally.

  1. Bold colors

Big designers both in fashion and interior design are not going to wimp out this year. Yes,  they are going for bold colors this year, which is a perfect reflection of the bold direction the world is going this year.  But don’t throw neutral colors to the curb just yet because you are still using them as background colors.  A big, bright blue cabinet on a white wall would be a good example of this trend. Decorations can be in bold red or yellow. But don’t forget to balance the colors. Just because the trend is bold colors doesn’t mean you have to assault the eyes with painful color combinations.

  1. Personalized space designs

“Aspirational” spaces are going to be an important consideration in 2018 home designs. Many people want to live in a house that resonates with them in a personal level. The days of trying to make homes look like those in magazines are over.  People no longer care what their friends think about their house, they want to live in a place that makes them comfortable and happy. They want to make homes that they want, that they feel at home. It can be a relaxing home, and energy inducing home, intimate or professional looking.  So make sure to ask your clients what they want and consider that on your design.

  1. Darker and mixed finishes

Metal finishes give the home a dash of class. Last year rose gold is the common finish used in new homes and renovations. Now it will have to share the spotlight with other finishes like brass. Mixing metals is in but a word of caution: use only one metal as dominant while  others should serve only as accents. Take care to achieve visual harmony when it comes to using metal finish in furniture and decorations.

2018 is a bold new year and the predicted design trends reflect that boldness. . A new year means a new start and new trends to play with and you can explore these designs with 3D rendering services.  Happy designing!

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